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Would Mike Pompeo be a good Secretary of State?

Screenshot from CNBC'sYouTube video: Rex Tillerson To Be Replaced As Secretary Of State: NYT | CNBC

With reports swirling that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is on his way out, people are looking to see who his replacement might be. The front-runner, by all accounts, is CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Pompeo is a former Republican congressman from Kansas who served on the House Intelligence Committee. He graduated first in his class from West Point and went on to Harvard Law school. In his time as the head of the CIA, he has established a good relationship with the president. He often delivers the daily briefings in person and stays after meetings to talk with the president. Pompeo does come with some baggage, namely his skepticism over the Russian involvement with the 2016 presidential election. Ultimately, he ended up siding with the intelligence community, but not as quickly as some would have liked. With reports of his possibly being the next Secretary of State, a question comes to mind. Is Mike Pompeo a good choice for Secretary of State?

CNBC covering the possible replacing of Tillerson with Pompeo:

The Issue

Is Mike Pompeo a good choice to be Secretary of State? Will Pompeo be better at putting forward the president’s agenda than Tillerson? Or, is he a party hack that would make a horrible diplomat?

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