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Will the new Tesla electric semi truck be a success?

Screenshot from NBC News' YouTube video: Tesla Just Unveiled A Brand New Roadster | Mach | NBC News
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Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk made headlines Thursday night with his debut of an electric semi truck. The new truck has a range of 500 miles per charge and can haul up to 80,000 pounds. It can go 0-60 in five seconds and can climb a 5 percent grade hill at 65 mph. Walmart has come out and announced that they will be testing the trucks and have preordered multiple vehicles. The trucks are expected to go into production in 2019. With Tesla introducing this truck, the question comes to mind whether the truck will be a successful addition to the trucking industry.

Those who feel this truck will be a success argue that it is an incredible piece of engineering. It is faster, better for the environment, and safer. With the added speed, things will get to their destinations quicker. Also, by running on electricity, it will reduce the use of fossil fuels. The new trucks are even enhanced with autopilot, which will help reduce the number of accidents. The total operational cost is another selling feature of the new Tesla design, since it is cheaper to use than a standard semi truck.

People who don’t think the truck will be a success feel that it was designed by people who never talked to a truck driver. The center seat design means that drivers will need cameras to back up and you are not supposed to use them as a driver. Also, there is no living compartment which means that drivers will have to sleep in hotels instead of their trucks. That will, of course, cost them a lot of money, probably more than they’ll save in operational costs. There is also the issue of the 500 mile range where there will be very few charging stations, which makes them unpractical for long distance use.

Here is an NBC News Video on Tesla’s brand new semi truck and roadster:

The Issue

Will the new Tesla semi truck be a success? Is this new electric truck a big step into the future for the trucking industry? Vice versa, is it, as some have suggested, poorly designed for trucking?

Yes, the new Tesla electric semi truck will be a success

People who think the truck will be a success say that it is a huge leap into the future, and will revolutionize the industry with features that make it faster, safer, and cheaper to use.

No, the new Tesla electric semi truck will not be a success

People who think the truck will be a failure say that it is poorly designed, and that without living quarters or a substantial number of charging stations, it will not be usable on long distance hauling.

Do you think the Tesla electric semi truck will be a success in the trucking industry?

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