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Will the Cohen/Manafort situation hurt Trump-led republicans’ chance to win in the midterm election?

Screenshot from PBS NewsHour on Youtube How are Republicans and Democrats reacting to Cohen and Manafort charges?



Recently, Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Chen, has pleaded guilty to charge including giving hush money to porn actresses Stormy Daniels and ex-playboy model Karen McDougal. Moreover, according to media reports, Paul Manafort is also in deep trouble following his connection with the Trump’s election campaign.

Some media analysts believe that Cohen/Manafort situation will hurt Republicans’ chance to win the midterm election. They believe that Trump voter base will not come out to out for him. Whereas, others believe that Republicans will win in the midterm election. They argue that Mollie Tibbetts case is the game change and is more important than Manafort and Cohen in this midterm election.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding whether the Cohen/Manafort situation will hurt Trump led Republican’s chance to win in the midterm election

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Written by Darren Silverman