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Will sending more troops to the border will make America safe again?

Screenshot from PressTV on Youtube US troops begin deployment to Mexican border

Recently, President Donald Trump ordered an additional 5,200 troops to “harden” the US-Mexico border before the so-called caravan of migrants from Central America seeking asylum and a new life in the US arrives. The group of about 4,000 migrants from mostly Honduras and Guatemala is currently 1,000 miles and weeks away from the US border.

Some media analysts believe that GOP is wasting the taxpayers’ money by sending additional troops to the southern border. Furthermore, they believe that the migrant caravan is not an immediate threat. Whereas, others argue that terrorists have disguised as asylum seekers, and are marching towards the United States. They believe that the troops will be able to stop the migrant caravan and will prevent the terrorists from entering the country.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding whether sending more troops to the southern border will make America safer?

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