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Will ending Net Neutrality improve the internet?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: FCC overturns net neutrality regulations

Thursday, the FCC voted to enact new rules for the internet. The Republican-controlled board voted along party lines 3-2 for the new rules, called Restoring Internet Freedom, despite strong opposition from consumer groups and internet companies. This vote ends what was known as Net Neutrality, which prevented Internet Service Providers or ISPs from blocking and throttling content. Under the new rules, ISPs have to disclose if they block or prioritize content of their own or from their partners. These new rules are seen as a major victory for the big telecom and cable companies.

The fight over Net Neutrality is not over though. Some members of Congress have indicated that they will introduce Congressional Review Act legislation to overturn the new rules. Also, it is almost a guarantee that there will be lawsuits regarding the new rules, so the courts will have their say. With the new rules, a question comes to mind. Is ending Net Neutrality a good thing for the internet?

CNN covering the repeal of Net Neutrality:

The Issue

Is ending Net Neutrality a good thing for the internet? Will the internet be better with the free market in control of it, not the government? Or, if Net Neutrality is removed, will it destroy the internet as we know it?

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