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Who will win this week in the Rams vs Vikings NFL matchup?

Screenshot from CBS Sports' YouTube video: Rams-Vikings Matchup Analysis
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Perhaps the most interesting matchup this week in the NFL is the Los Angeles Rams vs the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams are the surprise leaders of their respective divisions and this game will have big ramifications on the playoffs. The winner will be in good position to be the second seed in the NFC and get a bye through the wild-card round. One of the interesting subplots to this game is the battle of quarterbacks. The Vikings quarterback, Case Keenum, was the starter for half of last season for the Rams before being replaced by their current starter, Jared Goff. Keenum, who took over in week two for the Vikings after Sam Bradford got hurt, has thrown for 1,914 yards and has 11 touchdowns to 5 interceptions, with a completion percentage of 64.9 percent. Goff has thrown for 2,385 yards and has 16 touchdowns to 4 interceptions, with a completion percentage of 61.2 percent. With both teams playing so well, it raises the question: Who will win this week in the Rams vs Vikings NFL matchup?

People who feel the Rams will win think that they are just better than the Vikings. They feel the Rams have the stronger offense with Jared Goff at quarterback and Todd Gurley on his way to a Pro Bowl season at running back. The Rams also have the better defense, giving up only 18 points a game and having 28 sacks on the season. Also, the Rams know how to defend against Keenum because he played for them last year.

Those who feel the Vikings will win think being at home will be key to their victory this Sunday. They feel that the Rams will have difficulty communicating inside U. S. Bank Stadium. Also, the Vikings are on fire right now having won five games in a row. Plus, they have a very tough defense that will stop the Rams offense. The Vikings defense is only giving up 18.3 points a game and has 25 sacks on the season.

CBS Sports previewing Rams vs Vikings:

The Issue

Who will win this week in the Rams vs Vikings NFL matchup? Will Jared Goff lead the Rams to victory? Or, will Case Keenum defeat his old team?

Rams vs Vikings, the Rams will win the game

Those who believe the Rams will win say they have the better team overall. They say that their offense and defense are better than the Vikings, and that will be the difference.

Rams vs Vikings, the Vikings will win the game

People who feel the Vikings will win say that they have the home field advantage. They say that the noise inside the stadium will disrupt the Rams’ communication and the game.

Who do you think will win this week in the Rams vs Vikings NFL matchup?

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