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Who is responsible if DACA is dead, the president or the Democrats?

Screenshot from Newsy's YouTube video: Trump tweets suggest a DACA deal is unlikely

Lost in the furor over President Trump’s alleged vulgar remarks during a meeting on immigration in the Oval Office is the fact that time is running out for a deal on DACA. The meeting was about a bipartisan deal to keep the program and end the stalemate over it. The deal would have allowed the Dreamers to stay and work towards citizenship while having more funding for border security. That deal has been rejected by the president. The Democrats have been pushing for a deal since the president gave Congress until March to make a deal or the program would end. It appears now, unless something dramatic happens and soon, DACA will die. President Trump is laying the blame at the feet of the Democrats. He tweeted on Sunday:

According to NPR, he told reporters while at one of his golf courses, “Honestly, I don’t think the Democrats want to make a deal.” He added, “We have a lot of sticking points, but they are all Democrat sticking points.” Still, it is worth noting that the Republicans in Congress control both the House and the Senate. If the program is basically dead, then we are left with the question of who is responsible: the Democrats or the president?

Newsy: Trump tweets suggest a DACA deal is unlikely

The Issue

Who is responsible if DACA is dead? Is the president responsible because he was the one that signed the order to end the program in March? Or, are the Democrats responsible because they have been more interested in making headlines than making a deal?

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