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The Fallout after Trump and Putin met in Helsinki

Screenshot from Guardian News on Youtube Trump winks at Putin at start of Helsinki summit

Recently, the two world leaders, President Trump and President Putin met in Helsinki, Finland. After lengthy talks with President Putin, Trump said that “We have all been foolish. We have both made mistakes and today’s summit was just the beginning of a process of restoring ties”. Whereas, President Putin said that “Summit with Us President Trump has been very successful, useful”.

Many observers have raised concerns about the leaders being alone during their first meeting that took place in Finnish Presidential Palace Opulent Gothic Hall. The observers believe that the one on one meeting had no corroborating witnesses to accurately represent what was said during the meeting. Some media analysts believe that President Trump had an edge in the negotiations whereas, others believe that President Putin is the boss.

This scenario instigated a debate over social media regarding who emerged as the better negotiator in Helsinki summit: Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin

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