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Who do you support, Sean Hannity or the advertisers?

Screenshot from Fox News' YouTube video: Hannity: Don't rush to judgement over Roy Moore
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As fallout from the accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore continues, Sean Hannity has been caught in its wake. Hannity has come under fire for his coverage of the story. On his radio show, he suggested that the alleged inappropriate relationships with underage girls that Moore had were “consensual” and, on his television show, he questioned the credibility of sexual harassment accusers. This has led to five companies pulling their advertising from Hannity’s television show. The companies Eloquii, 23andMe, Nature’s Bounty, Keurig, and did not specifically mention that it was Hannity’s coverage of the Moore story that has caused them to remove their advertising. Hannity’s fans, in response to the news of the advertising being pulled from his show, have called for a boycott of the companies, and even started a hashtag, #boycottkeurig, on Twitter. With all of this going on, the question should be asked: Who do you support, the companies or Sean Hannity?

People who support the companies feel that Sean Hannity is only interested in ratings, and he is putting out content that is hateful and hurtful. Many people see him as someone who no longer covers the news fairly, but as someone who is trying to divide the country for better ratings. They see his defense of Roy Moore as a man that would defend a pedophile, if it meant it would help his ratings. The only way to get him to change, or even remove him from air, is to hit Fox News in the pocketbook.

Those who support Sean Hannity feel that this is nothing but a political attack on conservatives by the left. They feel that Hannity presented both sides of the story and now the left is trying to destroy him. They feel these companies are wrong because there is such a thing as innocent until proven guilty, and they are punishing Hannity for respecting that. Finally, they feel that these companies are going to pay the price when the conservatives boycott them for their unfair treatment of Hannity.

Sean Hannity reaction to the Roy Moore allegations:

The Issue

Who do you support, the advertisers or Sean Hannity? Are the advertisers right to pull their ads from a show of which they question the content? Or, is the political left trying to destroy Sean Hannity?

People who support the advertisers

Those who support the advertisers say that Sean Hannity is no longer providing news, but hate. He is more interested in his ratings than the truth and he must be stopped.

People who support Sean Hannity

People who support Sean Hannity feel he is being unfairly attacked. They feel he did nothing wrong because he just presented both sides of an argument. He should be commended, not condemned.

Who do you support, Sean Hannity or the companies who pulled their ads?

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