Who do you support in the Catalonia independence movement?

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Friday saw a series of historic moves in Spain. In the region of Catalonia, their parliament voted 70 to 10, with two abstentions, to declare independence from Spain. There were several members of parliament that boycotted the vote. In answer to this vote, Spain’s senate granted Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy the power to directly rule Catalonia. He promptly fired the Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, and his cabinet. Puigdemont is expected to have charges of rebellion filed against him next week. Further, Prime Minister Rajoy has called for a snap election on December 21 for local offices. The EU, United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France all support unity. The question is: Who is in the right here, Catalonia or Spain?

People who feel Catalonia is in the right argue that Spain is acting more like a dictatorship than a democracy. They have been encroaching more and more on Catalonia’s autonomy for years and now are trying to take it completely from them, by force if necessary. Plus, Catalonia has the right to self determination and they held a democratic referendum for independence that won overwhelmingly. They applaud Catalonia’s desire for their own country and that Catalonia has, through nonviolence and democracy, declared themselves their own nation.

Those who side with Spain feel that the Catalonia independence vote was illegal. They see the Catalan government as a bunch of criminals and Spain has every right to stop them. They contend that the only way Catalonia should be granted independence is by the duly elected Spanish government, not by a group of people who are breaking the law. They feel that Spain is following its constitution and is protecting the substantial amount of people in the region who didn’t vote for and have no desire for Catalonia to become its own country.

What is transpiring in Spain has happened all over the world at one time or another. The Catalans, who have forced the issue by declaring independence, have a desire for their own country and that is to be respected. Spain wants Catalonia to remain a part of the country, and that also is to be respected. In the coming weeks and months ahead, we will see which side prevails.

This BBC News clip shows the Catalan parliament’s vote for independence:

This BBC News clip shows Prime Minister Rajoy’s remarks about the steps he is taking in Catalonia:

The Issue

Who do you support in the Catalonia independence movement? Do you support Catalonia in their declaration of independence, or do you support Spain in their attempts to keep Catalonia as part of their country?

Pro independent Catalonia

Those who support Catalonia say that the Catalans, through nonviolence and democracy, have earned the right to be their own country.

Pro unified Spain

Those who support Spain say this is an illegal rebellion by a renegade provincial government that doesn’t represent the will of the majority of Catalonia’s people.

Who do you support in the Catalonia independence movement, Catalonia or Spain?

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