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Who deserves credit for the country’s economic growth?

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One of the most important jobs of any president is handling the economy. One of the good indicators of how the economy is doing is the monthly jobs report. This tells how many jobs were created or lost and in what areas of the economy the jobs were, and it will also tell us what the country’s unemployment rate is. The October jobs report came out Friday and, to everyone’s pleasure, the economy added 261,000 jobs in October and unemployment fell to its lowest level since 2000, at 4.1 percent. Now, this should mean high marks for President Trump, as he is the man in the oval office right now. Should he receive the credit though, or is he riding the wave of a good economy left to him by his predecessor, President Obama? The Obama presidency created 11.3 million jobs and had seen steady job growth since the end of 2010, while President Trump has been in office since January without many legislative accomplishments. He has signed several executive orders involving the economy though. The question should be asked: Who should get credit for the country’s economic growth, President Obama or President Trump?

Those that feel President Trump should receive the credit argue that he has inspired confidence in the economy since he took over and that is a key factor in the jobs growth. They feel that his removal of many regulations through executive orders has empowered business to start hiring people. His skills as a businessman have translated well into the White House and he is pulling the right levers to improve the economy. Finally, he has brought in the right people to fix the mess of the previous administration.

People who believe President Obama deserves the credit point to his track record on the economy. He took over the worst economic situation since the 1930s, with the economy losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month. He turns it around and leaves office, creating 11.3 million jobs. They feel Trump has done nothing and to credit him for Obama’s work is idiotic. Finally, they feel the country owes President Obama a big thank you.

A president will be judged on many things while he is in office, the most personal to the American people being the economy. No matter how well you do elsewhere, if the economy is bad when you leave office, your legacy will be badly hurt. Will the economy continue at this rate under President Trump? We will have to wait and see.

Fox Business discussing the new jobs report:

The Issue

Who deserves credit for the country’s economic growth? Does President Trump deserve it? Or is it President Obama’s doing?

President Trump is responsible for the economic growth

Those who feel President Trump deserves the credit say that it is his removal of many regulations and the confidence he has inspired in the country that has fueled the economy.

President Obama is responsible for the economic growth

People who feel President Obama is the one who should get the credit say that all you need to do is look at his record for the proof. There were 11.3 million jobs created after he entered office in the middle of the worst financial crisis in decades.

Who do you think should get credit for the country’s economic growth, President Obama or President Trump?

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