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Were the parents right to remove their children from school upon learning of Ivanka Trump’s visit?

Screenshot from WTNH News8's YouTube video: Parents upset over surprise Ivanka Trump high school visit

Ivanka Trump paid a surprise visit to Norwalk Early College Academy on Monday. She was accompanied by IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. IBM developed the Norwalk Early College Academy model. Norwalk Early College Academy is a school where you can earn your high school diploma and an Associate of Applied Science degree at the same time. Trump has made STEM education one of her top priorities and has been pushing her father, President Trump, to direct more funds towards STEM education. She talked to some students there about their education.

What was seemingly a simple visit to a school has drawn attention, because some of the students’ parents pulled their kids out of class. They were angry over the fact that they were not notified about Ivanka Trump’s visit, ahead of time. Many feel they should have been given the option, ahead of time, to allow their kids to attend school or not while she was there. This reaction to her visit by some parents raises a question. Were the parents right to remove their children from the school when they found out about Trump’s visit?

WTNH News8 covering Ivanka Trump’s visit to the school:

The Issue

Were the parents right to remove their kids from the school upon learning of Ivanka Trump’s visit? Do the parents have the ultimate say on to whom and what they want their children exposed? Or, were the parents making a political statement at the expense of their children?

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