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Was Turkey’s announcement about opening an embassy in East Jerusalem the right thing to do?

Screenshot from Newsy's YouTube video: Turkey to open Palestinian embassy in Jerusalem

Tensions over Jerusalem continue to rise throughout the world. In response to President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Turkey announced that they plan to open an embassy in East Jerusalem. In a statement reported by Reuters, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “God willing, the day is close when officially, with God’s permission, we will open our embassy there.”

This statement follows a summit in Istanbul where Erdogan and other Muslim leaders heavily criticized the United States’ announcement about recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Reuters reported, from the summit, that the Turkish president said, “I invite all countries supporting international law to recognize Jerusalem as the occupied capital of Palestine.”

East Jerusalem was captured during the six-day war in 1967, and much of the world, to this day, views it as occupied territory. Palestinians claim that East Jerusalem will one day be their capital in a Palestinian State. With the latest announcement of the Turkish president, a question comes to mind. Is Turkey doing the right thing by saying they will open an embassy in East Jerusalem?

Newsy video covering Turkey’s plans to open a Palestinian embassy in Jerusalem:

The Issue

Is Turkey’s announcement about opening an embassy in East Jerusalem the right thing to do? Is East Jerusalem the rightful capital of Palestine? Or, does all of Jerusalem belong to Israel?

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