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Was the judge right to block the transgender military ban?

Screenshot from PBS NewsHour's YouTube video: Fact-checking Trump’s reasons for a transgender military ban
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Monday, a District Court judge named Colleen Kollar-Kotelly blocked key provisions in President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military. The judge blocked specifically the parts concerning enlistment and retention of transgender people wishing to serve in the military. President Trump initially announced the ban via Twitter on July 26, then issued a memo on August 25 banning the enlistment of transgender people and ordering the discharge of all transgender people by March 23, 2018. The judge’s ruling returns things to the way they were prior to the August memo. The ruling can still be overruled by appeal. In light of the judge’s ruling, it does beg the question: Was the judge right to block the ban?

Those who feel the court was right in blocking the ban feel that the president was violating the rights of transgender people. They feel that if transgender people wish to serve in the military, then no one, not even the president, should have the right to stop them because they are being true to who they really are. Also, it is horribly cruel to force people, who have made the military their lives, out of the military because they are transgender. Finally, we, as a society, should applaud them for their desire to serve, not punish them for something that doesn’t affect how they perform their duty.

People who feel the judge was wrong in blocking the ban argue that a civilian court should not have a place in this matter. They feel that the military is the one who should decide if transgender people serve, not a civilian judge. They feel that President Trump, as commander-in-chief, should have final say in this matter. Also, they see this as yet another activist judge overstepping their bounds and getting involved in something in which they should have no say.

The people in our military are some of the finest people we have in this country. They fight and die to protect the rights so many of us take for granted. No matter who they are individually, we should applaud them for their service to our country. Should being transgender make them any less qualified?

Here, PBS NewsHour covers the transgender military ban:

The Issue

Should Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly have blocked the transgender military ban? Did she do the right thing with her decision, and protect the rights of transgender people? Or, did she overstep her authority with her ruling?

Support the judge’s ruling

Those who support the judge’s ruling say that she was protecting the rights of transgender people across the country. Plus, if a transgender person wants to serve, they should be applauded, not ostracized.

Oppose the judge’s ruling

People who oppose the judge’s ruling say that this is a military matter, not a civilian one. They feel that if the president says they can’t serve, then they can’t.

Do you agree or disagree with the judge’s ruling?

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