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Was Senator Franken resigning the right thing to do?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Al Franken says he will resign from the Senate

Thursday marked the fall of a man who was once considered a dark horse for the presidency in 2020. Senator Al Franken announced his intention to resign from the Senate after allegations against him, by multiple women, of groping and sexual misconduct were made. The final straw for the Democrats in the Senate was when a former congressional staffer accused him of trying to kiss her in 2006. This was the seventh woman to accuse Franken of such behavior. Many Democratic senators then came forward and called for his resignation. He was then accused by Tina Dupuy, a former Democratic staffer, in an article she wrote in The Atlantic, of groping her at a 2009 inauguration celebration.

Franken gave no timetable for when his resignation will be official. Under Minnesota law, Governor Mark Dayton would appoint someone to serve until the 2018 election. Then, whoever won would serve out the rest of Franken’s term, which runs till 2020. With Franken’s announcement today, a question comes to mind. Did Senator Al Franken do the right thing by resigning?

CNN showing Senator Franken’s resignation speech from the Senate:

The Issue

Was Senator Al Franken resigning the right thing to do? Did he have no other choice? Or, was he betrayed by the Democrats for political reasons?

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