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Was Senator Dianne Feinstein right to release the transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony?

Screenshot from CBS News' YouTube video: Sen. Feinstein releases transcript of Fusion GPS co-founder's testimony

Senator Dianne Feinstein surprised many on Tuesday, when she released the August testimony of Glenn Simpson to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was released without the consent of the chairman of the committee. Simpson is the co-founder of Fusion GPS, who researched ties President Trump had to Russia, during the 2016 election, and produced the now infamous Steele Dossier. The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress have been attacking Fusion GPS about the dossier, as it is an important part of the several investigations into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Reuters reports Feinstein said in a statement, “The innuendo and misinformation circulating about the transcript are part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice.” She added, “The only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public.” Fusion GPS had been asking for the testimony to be released to try to counter the things being said about them and the dossier. Senator Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the committee, had refused their request. A spokesman for Grassley said, “Her action undermines the integrity of the committee’s oversight work and jeopardizes its ability to secure candid voluntary testimony.” Senator Feinstein’s release of the testimony raises a question. Was she right to release this testimony?

CBS News: Sen. Feinstein releases the transcript of Fusion GPS co-founder’s testimony

The Issue

Was Sen. Dianne Feinstein right to release the testimony of Glenn Simpson? Do the people have the right to read his testimony if they want? Or, was Senator Feinstein’s action borderline criminal?

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