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Was Rep. Maxine Waters threatening the president?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Rep. Maxine Waters: I will 'take Trump out'

Tuesday saw Congresswoman Maxine Waters from California get caught up in a controversy about remarks she made earlier this month. During a speech she gave on October 13 at the Ali Forney Center, Waters said she was going to “take out” the president. Waters claims that she was talking about impeaching President Trump and that this controversy is being stirred up by her political opponents. The question is: Should we take the congresswoman’s words as a threat of physical harm against the president or not?

Those who feel her words should be taken as a threat argue that just her rhetoric can endanger the president. When powerful and famous people say things like that, there are those out there who will decide they should be taken literally and act upon them. Plus, they say that her words are a threat and, according to the law, she should be investigated and possibly be jailed for threatening the president’s life. Finally, there are those that see her words as possibly being treasonous and feel she should face charges.

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