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Was President Trump’s trip to Asia a success?

Screenshot from Washington Post's YouTube video: Trump calls Asia trip ‘tremendously successful’
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Recently, President Trump completed the longest tour of Asia a United States president has taken in more than 25 years. The tour lasted 13 days and saw him visit South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The president has returned home claiming the tour was a great success. He claims to have strengthened the country’s relationships in the region, helped build a united front against North Korea, and negotiated trade deals worth billions of dollars. Critics say that, while there was a lot of pomp and circumstance to the president’s visit, nothing really got done. With the differing of opinion between the president and his critics about his tour, it makes one wonder: How successful was the president’s tour of Asia?

People who think the trip was a success feel that a tremendous amount of work was accomplished. They feel that the progress on trade and diplomatic relationships is being ignored by the media. They argue that President Trump, through his good relations with the Chinese president, was able to get the three UCLA basketball players allowed to return home, when they were facing ten years in prison for theft. Finally, they feel China is taking a more active role in dealing with North Korea, thanks to the president and his trip.

Those who feel the president’s trip was unsuccessful feel it was a giant waste of time. They feel that nothing was completed over there except a bunch of fancy ceremonies. Many feel the all the president did was give a few speeches and play some golf while China strengthened their hold on the region. They see this trip as just another Trump foreign policy failure.

Washington Post showing President Trump’s remarks on his last day in Asia:

The Issue

Was President Trump’s trip to Asia a success? Did he greatly strengthen our relations in Asia? Or was the visit a colossal waste of time and money?

Yes, the Asia trip was a success

People who feel the trip was a success say that the president showed that America was back. They feel that, through his skills as a negotiator, a great deal of progress was made on trade and towards combating North Korea’s nuclear buildup.

No, the Asia trip was not a success

Those who feel the trip was a failure say that the president got nothing done. They feel that the leaders of the other countries put on some big ceremonies for him to watch and told him how great he was while strengthening their positions at the expense of the United States.

Was President Trump’s trip to Asia a success?

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