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Was President Trump right to impose new sanctions on Iran?

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On Friday, President Trump announced new sanctions against Iran, and in particular, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. or IRGC, which can have real consequences on Iran’s economy. The IRGC controls much of Iran’s economy from energy to auto manufacturing. The IRGC now is frozen out of the United States financial system. This will make countries less likely to do business with Iran because they would not want to inadvertently do business with the IRGC. To impose these sanctions, President Trump used a Bush 9/11 era executive order to block financing to terrorist organizations. While he did not brand the IRGC a terrorist organization, he did accuse it of funding terrorists throughout the Middle East. Iran has, by all measures, been complying with the nuclear treaty that lifted sanctions in 2015. With that being said, should the president have imposed the new sanctions on Iran?

Those who support the new sanctions are quick to point out that Iran has been working against the United States’ interests throughout the Middle East. They believe that Iran is a threat and that the Obama administration made a huge mistake when they lifted the sanctions against Iran. They see the IRGC as nothing but a terrorist organization, and it needs to be shut down so that it can know longer fund terrorists throughout the Middle East.

People who are against the new sanctions argue that Iran has been in compliance with every aspect of the nuclear treaty. They see these new sanctions as damaging the reputation of the United States abroad. The sanctions also are hurting any chance of a peaceful settlement with North Korea because North Korea sees the United States as going back on its word, so why make a deal with the United States? Finally, people say that, after withdrawing from the Paris Accords, not certifying the Iran nuclear deal and putting in new sanctions against Iran, pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and demanding to renegotiate NAFTA, the United States is not going to keep its word and is making the country more isolated.

Imposing new sanctions is a gamble. Iran has kept its word and honored the nuclear treaty by all accounts and the new sanctions are seen as completely unnecessary. There is a real chance that the United States could lose the moral high ground to Iran. This just might be a chance the administration has to take to protect the country and maybe the world. If the IRGC is helping terrorists, then they have to be stopped.

Israel Prime Minister congratulating President Trump’s new Iran strategy

The Issue

Was President Trump right to impose new sanctions on Iran? Are the new sanctions helping to keep the country safe, or are the new sanctions going to cost the United States the moral high ground to Iran?

In support of new sanctions on Iran

Those who support the new sanctions see the IRGC as a terrorist group and they feel sanctions should never have been lifted against Iran in the first place.

In opposition to new sanctions on Iran

Those against the sanctions see President Trump needlessly punishing Iran. They see him as a man bent on destroying President Obama’s legacy at any cost.

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