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Was President Trump right about the travel ban all along?

Screenshot from ABC News' YouTube video: Sayfullo Saipov, 29, identified as suspect in New York City vehicle attack: Sources
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One of the most controversial things President Trump has attempted to do during his presidency is the travel ban. The ban has been issued several times but keeps being struck down by the courts. Tuesday, New York suffered its worst terrorist attack since 9/11 when a truck was driven down a Manhattan bike path, killing eight people and injuring many others. The alleged driver of the truck is a man named Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan. In the truck, reportedly, were notes saying he did the attack in support of ISIS and he reportedly emerged from the truck shouting “Allahu Akbar.” While the president’s travel ban would not have stopped Saipov from entering the country, the attack does cause one to ask: Does the New York attack prove President Trump was right all along about us needing the travel ban?

Those who feel New York proves the president was right feel that we have to get tough when it comes to immigration. They feel that for too long we have not been investigating immigrants hard enough, allowing terrorists to enter. Plus, we have laws about how we import goods, why not have laws against people coming from countries that have been known to support terrorism? Finally, we did not learn the lessons of 9/11 and now another eight people have died. We should use their deaths to make us get up and make this country secure again, and the first step is the travel ban.

People who feel the New York attack does not prove we need a travel ban argue that the president’s travel ban would not have stopped the New York attack. The suspected attacker came to this country on a legal visa. How would the ban have stopped that? Also, the travel ban would not have stopped the Las Vegas shooter because he was born here. People feel that, even if the president’s ban was implemented tomorrow, it would still not make this country safe. Terrorists, if they really want to get here, will find a way to do it and there is nothing the travel ban can do to stop it.

What took place in New York on Halloween was awful. Eight people died and many others were injured in a cowardly terrorist attack. We, as a nation, must decide how we go about making this country a safe place to live. Will having a travel ban help with that? That is something we will have to decide on in the future.

ABC News covered the New York attack:

The Issue

Does the New York terrorist attack prove that the president was right all along and we need the travel ban? Is the ban a crucial first step towards securing our country, or would the ban have been useless in stopping the New York attack?

Yes, the New York attack proved we need a travel ban

Those who feel the New York attack proved we need a travel ban say that it is needed to help stop terrorists from getting into this country. They feel that, if we are to have a safe country, we can no longer have open borders to every country in the world.

 No, the New York attack didn’t prove we need a travel ban

People who feel the New York attack did not prove the president right say the travel ban is a cruel waste of time. It will not stop determined terrorists from finding a way into the country, but  will deny innocent people the opportunity to chase the American dream.

Do you think the events in New York proved we need a travel ban?

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