Was Pence’s action a stunt or was it patriotic?

Screen shot from CNN's YouTube video: Pence leaves NFL game over anthem kneeling

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence went to a football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers. During the national anthem, the vice president stood, however, 23 players on the 49ers kneeled during the song. Vice President Pence left the stadium shortly after the national anthem. The question is: Why did he do that? There are two trains of thought on why he left. One is that the vice president planned all along to leave in a P.R. stunt at the cost of the American taxpayer. The other is that he was making a patriotic stand on the issue of players kneeling during the anthem.

Those who see it as a stunt point to the statements that President Trump made about how people should leave NFL games if the players kneel during the anthem. People who think it was a stunt point out a tweet the vice president put out before the game of he and his wife attending a game from three years ago as proof of how infrequently he attends football games and how strange it was that he attend today. They also point out how the vice president was in Las Vegas the day before and was on the West Coast the night of the game as proof this was planned. Finally, President Trump tweeted out after the game that he had told the vice president to do it and he was proud of him.

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