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Was Judge Orrick right to block Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities?

Screenshot from Vox's YouTube video: How sanctuary cities actually work

Monday, Judge William Orrick III dealt another blow to President Trump’s immigration agenda. The judge issued a permanent injunction blocking an executive order that would strip so-called sanctuary cities from receiving federal funds. In the order, the president was trying to impose new conditions for receiving federal funds already approved by Congress. This is yet another defeat when it comes to the president’s executive orders dealing with immigration. In particular, he has repeatedly had his travel ban orders blocked by the courts. At this time, it is unclear if the administration will appeal this decision or not. Regardless, this question should be asked: Did the judge make the right decision in this case?


Here, Vox explains how sanctuary cities work:

The Issue

Did the judge make the right decision by blocking the president’s executive order on sanctuary cities? Did the president exceed his authority in this executive order, or did the judge keep the president from doing his job?

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