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Was it a mistake for the U.S. to withdraw from TPP?

Screenshot from Al Jazeera English's YouTube video: TPP trade deals forge ahead without US involvement
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During the closing days of the Obama administration, the United States reached an agreement with several countries on a trade deal known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. This agreement was very controversial in the United States, as some saw it as the crown jewel of Obama’s legacy on foreign policy. Others, though, viewed it as a horrible deal that would cause great damage to the country. One of those people was President Trump, who quickly condemned the deal and, shortly after becoming president, withdrew America from the agreement. Many believed the United States withdrawal from the agreement would kill the deal. That is not the case, as 11 countries, including Japan, Mexico, and Canada, have reached an agreement to revive the deal. Now known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, it is the biggest trade deal in world history and does not include the United States. Many feel this deal will be a great benefit to the involved countries’ economies and will give these countries a big advantage over the United States. With the news of a deal being reached without the United States, it does raise the question: Was it a good move for the U.S. to withdraw from TPP?

People who support the withdrawal from TPP feel that President Trump will be able to negotiate much better deals for the United States. They believe that TPP was a bad deal for the U.S. and favored other countries. Also, they feel that the new deal will fail because it does not include the American markets. They think that ultimately countries will come to the table and make many concessions to gain access to the American consumer. That happening will show how great it was to leave the TPP.

Those who feel the withdrawal from TPP was a mistake argue that President Trump has cost the United States its leadership position in the Pacific. They feel that China will step in and gain much stronger financial ties to countries like Japan. Also, because of the withdrawal, countries are finding they don’t need the United States anymore and are finding new business partners. Finally, if countries are making deals with China or Europe or even South America, how will President Trump get any kind of deal that helps the U.S.?

Al Jazeera English covering the TPP agreement:

The Issue

Was it a mistake to withdraw from TPP? Will President Trump make the country better deals with the Pacific Rim countries? Or, has President Trump cost America its place as a world leader?

Support not being part of TPP

People who support the withdrawal say that TPP was a horrible deal for the United States. They feel that it was a deal that badly hurt the American worker and President Trump was right to get us out of it.

Oppose not being part of TPP

Those who feel the withdrawal was a mistake say that the world is moving on from the U.S. They feel that countries are making new deals with each other right now and the U.S. is being left out.

Was it a mistake for the U.S. to withdraw from TPP?

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