Was ESPN right to suspend Jemele Hill?

Screen shot from Fox Business' YouTube video: ESPN suspended Jemele Hill to save its bottom line: Dobbs

Sunday night, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that, if any of his players took a knee during the national anthem and disrespected the flag, they would not play. In response to this, ESPN commentator Jemele Hill, on Twitter, advocated a boycotting of the Cowboys’ sponsors. This has led ESPN to place Hill on a two-week suspension for her second violation of their social media rules. Last month, on Twitter, she said President Trump was unfit to be president and a white supremacist. Was ESPN right to suspend Hill?

Those who believe ESPN was right are quick to point out that this is her second violation in a couple of months. She was calling for a boycott of advertisers, who not only advertise in partnership with the Cowboys, but ESPN as well, so she was doing damage to ESPN’s bottom line. They also argue that Hill has been very outspoken in her opinions over the years and that many people see her as a borderline racist when it comes to white people.

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