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Was Barack Obama a good president?

Screen shot from the Associated Press' YouTube video: Inauguration: Barack Obama Sworn in As 44th President
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Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States and one of the most controversial presidents we ever had. The moment he was elected, he had secured a place in history as the first African-American to be elected to the highest office in the land. He entered office with the nation in trouble with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raging, and the country being stuck in the middle of the Great Recession that threatened, not just the U.S. economy, but the world’s economy as well. He would accomplish quite a lot in his time in office, from the ACA, to many people feeling he saved the auto industry, to his foreign policy achievements abroad. But many of his accomplishments have had a negative impact on a lot of Americans. Plus, with tensions high in North Korea and his agreement with Iran being questioned, it makes one wonder. Was Barack Obama a good president?

Those who feel he was a good president immediately point to the disasters he was facing on day one. With the economy teetering on the brink, he and his policies kept us from complete economic meltdown. Also, his supporters point to all the new people who have medical insurance now under the ACA. Plus, they view his accomplishments in foreign policy as great successes. They see the Iran nuclear deal as bringing stability to the Middle East and the Paris climate accord as a giant step towards combating climate change. Finally, they view him as a true symbol to the world of what the American dream is all about.

People who don’t think he was a good president feel that he made the divisions in this country much worse, instead of bringing people together. They see his policies on climate change as, not helping the planet, but destroying jobs in the United States. Also, they feel that the ACA is destroying the healthcare system in the United States, forcing people to get new doctors and causing their insurance premiums to skyrocket. To those who think he was a bad president, his stance on social issues, like gay marriage, are an attack on the founding values of this country.

Barack Obama’s eight years in office are historic. Whether you think they were good or not is up for debate. His moves on foreign policy will have ramifications for decades. The policies he had domestically have changed this country probably forever. As the first African-American president, there is no doubt his time in office will never be forgotten.

Here the Associated Press shows Barack Obama being sworn in to office in 2009:

The Issue

Was Barack Obama a good president? Did his policies make this country a better place, or did he do horrible damage to the country while he was in office?

Barack Obama was a good president

President Obama’s supporters believe he inherited a mess when he came into office. They feel that not only did he clean up the mess but left the country and the world a better place when his time in office was over.

Barack Obama was not a good president

Those who see Barack Obama’s time in office as a failure feel he damaged the very fabric of the nation with his social policies. His domestic and foreign policies will be doing damage for decades.

Do you think Barack Obama was a good president? We look forward to your opinions.

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