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UFC fined McGregor $50,000, Nurmagomedov $500,000 for UFC 229 brawl. Do you believe the decision is fair?

Yes, the UFC punishment is fair

Those who believe that UFC punishment is fair, argue that Khabib initiated the events and Conor reacted in self-defensive. Good call on behalf of the NSAC. A debate participant added that “For those that are saying the level of punishment from NSAC for Khabib compared to McGregor for UFC 229 brawl is unfair, consider this. One jumped out of the Octagon to fight, the other didn’t. Khabib triggered the fight on the night too by jumping out the cage”. Another debate participant added that “Khabib got 2 million flat purses. Khabib got another 7 to 8 million off the PPV buys. The UFC made the number below. Khabib is champ $64.99 plus tax * 2.4 million buys = $1777,600 Dollars. Khabib got a buyrate amount off this below. Which is assumed to be 7 to 8 million”.

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