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Is Trump’s North Korean rhetoric necessary?

Screen shot from CBS News' YouTube video: Trump says Tillerson "wasting his time" trying to negotiate with N. Korea
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President Trump tweets again, and again the world wonders what the goal of his tweets are. On Sunday, the president tweeted that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should not be wasting his time attempting to negotiate with North Korea. 

This comes the day after Tillerson, who was in Beijing at the time, said that the administration has direct lines of communication with North Korea. If that’s true, then why would President Trump put that out when he could say it on the phone or in person? Also, what is he implying when he says, “we’ll do what has to be done?” Is he trying to accomplish something that we are not seeing?

Here is CBS News’ coverage of President Trump’s comments regarding Secretary of State Tillerson’s negotiation efforts:

From repeatedly talking about destroying North Korea to his constantly calling Kim Jung-un “little rocket man,” President Trump’s rhetoric with North Korea has often been very aggressive. A recent example is his comment about retaliating with “fire and fury.” 

Here is NBC News’ coverage of President Trump’s North Korea “will be met with fire and fury” comment:

Throughout all of this, President Trump has continued to up the levels of tension with North Korea, but why is he doing this? Is he just not able to control himself or is he trying to distract us from something he doesn’t want us focusing on? Then again, is he just trying to out-bully a bully? These are the thoughts being expressed by many Americans.

Some out there believe that getting in North Korea’s face is needed. That we have to be aggressive, because the time for talking is just about at an end. We have been trying to be nice for decades and it has clearly failed. Now that we have a leader unafraid of the consequences, we have to show that if North Korea tries anything, the United States will put them in their place. This is definitely a stance President Trump seems pleased to take, as evidenced by the following tweet:

On the other hand, it could be that President Trump’s rhetoric is just making things worse. It is possible that Kim Jung-un is someone who has never been treated like this and wounding his pride will only goad him into taking action against us faster. There is also the theory that President Trump takes to Twitter in order to stir up a controversy so we will be distracted and not see what is going on somewhere else. If so, is using North Korea as a distraction actually endangering the world for his own political gains?

The issue

Is President Trump’s rhetoric the right way to go? Is showing no fear and no willingness to back down in this situation the right approach? Is he making a volatile situation worse with his constant personal attacks on North Korea’s leader and his threats of total destruction?

In support of Trump’s North Korean rhetoric


In opposition to Trump’s North Korean rhetoric

So, what do you think? Is President Trump’s North Korean rhetoric necessary?


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