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Thousands of empty seats as NFL starts the second half of the season. Is NFL losing its magic?

Screenshot from Fox Business on Youtube NFL plagued by empty stadiums seats

Recently, the Washington Redskins hosted a game against Atlanta Falcons in NFL. However, the game became a center of attention as thousands of seats remain empty. A media network reported that “With the National Football League now entering the second half of the 2018 season, some teams are still not drawing fans to the stadium”.

Some media analysts believe that NFL is losing its charm. They believe that NFL has to reconsider their marketing efforts in order to attract people to the games. Whereas, others argued that some teams have more active fans than others. Furthermore, they argue that NFL is still popular among fans.

This scenario instigated a debate across social media regarding whether the NFL is losing its magic, as thousands of seats remain empty.

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Written by Darren Silverman

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