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Supreme Court upholds travel ban in Trump vs. Hawaii ruling: Is this win for #MAGA movement?

Screenshot from Fox News on Youtube Trump: Supreme Court ruling on travel ban is 'great victory'

Recently, Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Trump’s travel ban by a narrow 5-4 decision. According to media reports, the countries that will be affected by this travel the ban includes Iran, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Libya, North Korea, and Venezuela. President Trump tweeted about this success and said that “Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban. Wow!”

Some national security experts believe that this decision is the best decision ever made by the Supreme Court to strengthen the national security. Furthermore, they argue that this decision will pave the way for President Trump to actualize his election promises. Whereas, others believe that this decision is a discrimination against millions of Muslims. They also argue that such decisions will aggravate the Muslim hatred against America.

This scenario instigated a debate on social media regarding whether the travel ban upholds decision is a win for #MAGA movement?

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