Staff Page

Daily Debate is made up of central leaning writers who work to present both sides of the political news landscape.

Carissa Shuman
Carissa is an editor and writer with multiple areas of interest, but as an academic at heart, is most interested in the debate itself.

Sam Howard
Sam is a writer whose main interest lies in politics.

Jack Whittaker
Jack is a self-proclaimed political junkie, and is especially intrigued by international relations.

Claire Holly
Claire is a writer and editor who loves to argue, enjoys a good debate, and is sure to include a feminine perspective.

John Shuman
John is a writer with an affinity for historical fiction. His love of politics and debate led him here, where he enjoys presenting the news from a central viewpoint.

K Della Terra
K Della Terra is a contributing writer, who prefers to bring to light controversial topics that don’t always make the front page or land in the list of the top 5 news stories.

Darren Silverman
Darren is the Founder whose vision was to create a news site that puts forth both sides of each issue and allows for the public to join the debate.

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