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What Kind of US president are you?

Most candidates, past and present, have fought hard for their party’s nomination. Today, many politicians make this their life’s work as they move from city, to state, to national office. Today you have the chance to put yourself in their shoes and see what kind of president you would be

What kind of president do you think you are and how good do you think you will be? Answer a few questions and reveal how you will do in the oval office as a US president


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  • What would you say works you up the most in the world right now?

    • Injustice
    • People who are naive about how the world works
    • Why people don’t just get along
    • People who won’t step up when necessary
  • Out of the options below, what do you think is the most important requirement for a president?

    • Show strength and negotiate from a position of power
    • Fight for the people, end inequality
    • Fight for us to all get along… in our country and in the world
    • It is important that no one can doubt the word of America
  • What should Washington do about undocumented immigrants in the U.S.?

    • They are illegal, send them back
    • There should be a pathway for citizenship, immigrants contribute greatly to our society
    • I am for protecting borders, but at the same time we are all human beings, we shouldn’t build walls we should all live together in harmony
    • There should be a rational, humane guest-worker program that rejects amnesty, allows temporary jobs for people who seek them legall
  • What will your presidency focus on?

    • Making america great again
    • Equality among all, everyone deserves to be taken care of regardless of income level
    • Bringing people together, closing the gap in the big divide
    • Foreign policy, forming a strong alliance
  • The U.S. gun control debate is controversial and multifaceted, where do you stand?

    • We need Supreme Court to stand up for the 2nd Amendment. We need protection, End gun-free zones in schools & military bases.
    • Stand up to NRA on gun issues. People have the right to buy guns, with sensible regulations
    • I believe in 2nd Amendment but not war weapons on the streets, ban on assault weapons, and more possession restrictions.
    • Ban semi-automatic imports; but committed to gun owner rights. Gun Control doesn’t just work
  • Abracadabra… you’ve got three wishes, what are your best ones?

    • Power, omnipotence, and immortality
    • Health, wealth and prosperity for everyone
    • World peace, free love and happy weekends
    • Great alliance, world power, honest talk
  • Abortion is still one of America’s most divisive issues. What are your thoughts?

    • I am pro-life, I believe in the exemption, in the case of abortion, for rape, incest, and life of the mother?
    • Planned Parenthood bad.Overturn Roe v, Wade and return abortion laws to the states
    • We can find common ground between pro-choice and pro-life
    • Women have the right to choose, regardless of income.
  • Which of these would people regard as your biggest flaw?

    • A little too arrogant and outspoken
    • I want to give too much for free
    • I am diplomatic, but Mr. nice guy
    • I am a gut person and take action without much thought
  • What do you think of the current healthcare system

    • Obamacare was a disaster, Focus on greatest bang for the buck, not public health
    • More coverage… Give more help to those denied a life of dignity & respect.
    • Focus healthcare on health instead of profits
    • Some of the current reforms are OK, it expanded health insurance coverage. It should be defended.
  • Do you believe the nation should Prioritize green energy research?

    • It’s all natural climatic variation. And if there is a problem, it won’t affect us much, and we can deal with the problems as they arise.
    • Overuse of fossil fuels causes serious immediate problems. reduce carbon emissions. Invest heavily in alternative and sustainable energy resources
    • The cost of dealing with global warming is far higher than the potential damage, however we have a responsibility to do more
    • I am not convinced human activity is contributing to climate change or am not willing to definitively say it is.
  • Iran nuclear deal — in or out?

    • Scrap the whole thing, it’s a one-sided transaction and is bad for the country
    • 2. It’s the best alternative to not having a deal on the table, let’s all just get along
    • 3. The alternative was never war, but a better deal, let’s revisit this deal and make sure we can negotiate better
    • America is indispensable for the world. The price of greatness is responsibility Let’s honor the the deal but be prepared for what happens after together with our partners
  • Should the government increase or decrease military spending?

    • We spend more than other countries combined. Decreasing military spending to allow spend more on important things, like education, infrastructure, healthcare, and welfare.
    • We need to be stronger, and show dominance… Increase the spending
    • We need to use our military more efficiently. Spend smarter, which may not mean an increase, but more effective and innovative solutions
    • Let’s form a coalition of partners, push for other countries support and we won’t need to spend that much

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Written by Darren Silverman