Should we legalize euthanasia nationwide?

Screen shot from NBC News' YouTube video: Brittany Maynard Takes Medicine To End Life | NBC Nightly News
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We will be, or have all been there, at some point in our lives. Your loved one has a terminal illness and is in great pain. That pain will get worse and worse until the day they die and there is nothing you can do. That situation is one of the worst times in everyone’s life. The patient is suffering physically and the loved ones are suffering emotionally. Should there be some step to take, by the patient, or, if the patient is in a coma and can’t make the decision for themselves, by the patients loved ones? Should we legalize euthanasia?

Those who support euthanasia view it as the only merciful thing to do. If a person is in pain and has no hope of survival, should they not have the freedom to end things themselves? Supporters feel it is cruel to force someone who is in pain and with no hope of relief to go through that torment. They feel it should be up to the patient, not the doctor, the church, or the state, to decide how the patient spends their last days on earth. Finally, they want it legalized to give patients a choice and, in all likelihood, that patient will choose life, but will take comfort in having an option.

People against euthanasia feel that it is a violation of life. They feel that legalizing euthanasia will make society into a crueler place that doesn’t value life anymore. They see euthanasia as something that could possibly be abused by people who would rather save money than pay the costs of care for a terminal patient. Finally, if the loved ones of a patient decide to end the patient’s life while the patient is in a coma, they may unknowingly be violating the patient’s wishes to continue to live.

The last days of a person’s life, who is terminally ill, are awful for all those involved. Be it the patient, the family, the friends, or the medical staff, everyone is suffering in their own way. All we can do is hope we make the right choices to give the patient as much comfort and love as we can, and make their last days in life good ones.

In this video, NBC News covered the death of Brittany Maynard, who took her own life while terminally ill 3 years ago:

The Issue

Should we legalize euthanasia? Is euthanasia a mercy for terminal patients, or is it a crime against life itself?

In support of legalizing euthanasia

Those who support euthanasia see it as a sensible option to give a terminally ill patient. They feel it will give the patient comfort in having a choice on whether or not to end their suffering.

In opposition to legalizing euthanasia

People against euthanasia see it as a dangerous option that can be abused by people who are just trying to save money. They feel that euthanasia is a violation of life itself.

Do you think euthanasia should be legal?

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