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Should we have a travel ban?

Screen shot from CBS News' YouTube video: Federal judge blocks Trump's latest travel ban
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Tuesday, a Hawaiian district court judge named Derrick Watson issued a temporary restraining order on President Trump’s third attempt at a travel ban. Watson also ruled against the president when he issued the second travel ban, earlier this year. President Trump, when he was candidate Trump, had often promised to ban Muslims from coming to the United States. He tried, in the first few weeks of his administration, to issue a travel ban that was struck down in court, and has attempted two other times. Now, with the horrific casualties in the attack on Mogadishu in Somalia, one of the countries in all three of the president’s attempted travel bans, and with terrorist activity throughout the world, it makes one wonder, should we have the travel ban?

Those in favor of the travel ban feel it is crucial to the security efforts of the United States. They feel that we have, in Muslim extremists, an enemy that is bent on our annihilation, and we have to take steps to protect ourselves. In addition, they feel the president can take whatever steps he feels necessary to protect this country as its commander in chief, and if he feels the ban is necessary, then it is. Finally, they feel if we don’t have the ban, then we are in more danger of a possible 9/11 type attack, than with it.

People against the travel ban feel it is really a Muslim ban. They see it as discriminatory towards Muslims because all of the countries in the first two bans were poor, Muslim countries and, in the third ban, North Korea and Venezuela were just added so it wouldn’t be struck down by the courts again. Also, they feel the ban is unnecessary and is just an attempt to keep a campaign promise to his base, not to keep America safe. Finally, they see the ban as yet another step towards isolating the United States from the rest of the world, and they view that as putting the United States in more danger with the ban, than not having the ban.

We live in a dangerous world and we have to protect ourselves. It is the president’s number one job to keep this country safe. What steps he takes is up for debate. Is keeping out people from countries that have terrorists in them one of the steps we should take, or is allowing people to come here and view our culture and learn about us a better way? We shall see.

In this clip, CBS News covers the decision to block the latest travel ban:

The Issue

Should we have a travel ban against certain countries, like Libya and Somalia? Will having that ban keep this country safer? Conversely, will it further push certain people and groups away, and make them resent and even hate us more?

In support of a travel ban

People in favor of the ban see it as a step towards keeping this country safe. They feel that if the president thinks we need it, then we do.

In opposition to a travel ban

People opposed to the ban feel it is racist and that it goes against the founding principles of our country.

Do you think we should have a travel ban?

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