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Should we end the Diversity Visa Lottery?

Screenshot from CBS News' YouTube video: Trump asks Congress to end diversity visa lottery program
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Halloween is a holiday in this country that people use to frighten others for fun. Tragically, it became a nightmare Tuesday afternoon when a person drove a truck down a Manhattan bike path killing eight and injuring others. Authorities have arrested a man they believe drove the truck down the bike path, named Sayfullo Saipov, a man who emigrated to the United States in 2010 from Uzbekistan. Saipov was able to obtain his green card through the Diversity Visa Lottery plan. The diversity plan has been in effect since 1990 when it was signed into law by George H.W. Bush. The plan was designed to offer visas to individuals from countries that have few immigrants here in the United States. In the wake of yesterday’s attack that authorities have categorized as a terrorist attack, President Trump has called on Congress to end the program. This causes the question to be asked: Should we end the Diversity Visa Lottery?

Those who are in favor of ending the Diversity Visa Lottery feel that it is just a plain bad idea. They feel that having a lottery is no way to run an immigration system and that, in this day and age, the plan itself has become dangerous because it allows people from possible hostile countries to come here. Also, they feel that the plan has become outdated for the conditions of today’s world. Finally, they contend that we need a system that has a stronger vetting procedure to combat terrorists coming into this country through our immigration system.

People against ending the Diversity Visa Lottery argue that the program has been in existence for almost 30 years and this is the first incident of terrorism by someone who came here through the lottery. They feel that, to enter this country through the program, you are thoroughly investigated before you can come here. It is foolish to end a program that has decades of success over one incident. Finally, it was not the Diversity Visa Lottery that ran those people over, it was allegedly Sayfullo Saipov, and it is foolish to blame the lottery for what happened in New York.

Immigration is the lifeblood of what has made this country great. It is the diversity of our country that makes us so strong. We have always been the place that people all over the world have dreamed of coming to for a better life. It is important that we remember that, or risk losing an important part of what makes this country great, while we debate how to make this country safer. Will ending the lottery make this country safer? We shall have to wait and see.

CBS News covered President Trump asking Congress to end the diversity visa program:

The Issue

Should we end the Diversity Visa Lottery program? Is it an outdated system that needs to be ended? Or, is it a program that has worked well for nearly 30 years and still does?

In support of ending the Diversity Visa Lottery program

Those in favor of ending the program say that it is not a good way to handle immigration. They feel that it is not feasible to use in today’s world.

In opposition to ending the Diversity Visa Lottery program

Those who oppose ending the program say that to end the program after the events in New York is a wild overreaction to a tragedy. They feel that in nearly 30 years this is the first terrorist incident involving someone who came here through the lottery.

Do you think we should end the Diversity Visa Lottery?

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