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Should we close the US Embassy in Cuba?

Screen shot from MSNBC's YouTube video: U.S. Cutting Embassy Staff In Cuba In Wake Of Health Attacks
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The state department has recently announced that all families and non-essential personnel are being removed from the U.S. embassy in Cuba and sent home. This follows the news that as many as twenty-one U.S. diplomats and there families have been injured in a strange series of sonic attacks there. It also leads to an interesting debate: should the United States close the Cuban embassy all together or keep it open?

If the embassy is closed, it will severely hamper communication, as well as damage relations, between the two countries. President Raul Castro has personally assured the U.S. that the Cuban government has had nothing to do with the attacks. Supporting his claim is the argument that the technology used in this attack may be too advanced for the Cuban government to produce. However, some people think that Castro, who is looking to step down, will say or do whatever it takes to smooth things over, because he needs stable relations with the U.S. to help in the transfer of power.

There is one overwhelming argument for closing the embassy. That the Cuban government can’t protect the American personnel in their country. If they can’t protect them, then is it fair to send people down there? We’d be putting their health and well being on the line. While no country is one hundred percent safe, these attacks took place in some of the most secure areas of Cuba; areas that are under heavy guard with security cameras everywhere. Even with all these measures in place, the Cuban government has not found a way to protect our embassy personnel.

Both MSNBC and Fox News have covered the news of U.S. Embassy staff withdrawal.



The issue

In light of the recent sonic attacks on U.S. Embassy personnel in Cuba, should we simply close the embassy? We’ve already brought many of them home, but is that enough? As the old song goes, “Should we stay or should we go now?”

In support of closing the embassy

Many people cite the Cuban government’s failure to protect the embassy staff as a good reason to leave. How could we even ask people to go at the risk of their lives and that of their families?

As you can see, U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio feels very strongly that Cuba is involved, which lends credence to the idea of closing the embassy.

Senator Lankford, from Oklahoma, congratulates the government for protecting U.S. personnel after the Associated Press announced that approximately 60 percent of the embassy staff was being called home.

Others expressed their preference for closing the embassy, and pointed to communism and the Obama administration as culprits of the current situation.

In opposition to closing the embassy

If we close the  embassy all together some people believe that we will weaken our relationship with Cuba, and hurt our ability to communicate with the Cuban government.

Some people seem to think that the Cuban government isn’t really to blame, and therefore, we don’t need to actually close the U.S. embassy there. It would seem that the real course of action should be to find out who is behind the attacks.

There’s also the possibility that blaming Cuba is a result of textbook mass hysteria, as explained by Scott Adams, co-founder of

Then, again, it could just be a hoax. Although, there seems to be more than enough evidence to the contrary.

Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy, a leading democratic voice on foreign policy, also released a statement regarding complicity: “Whoever is doing this obviously is trying to disrupt the normalization process between the United States and Cuba.”

What do you think?

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