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Should we build the U.S./Mexico border wall?

Screenshot from Fox News' YouTube video: Border patrol officer dies from head and body injuries
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Sunday morning, near Van Horn, Texas, a border patrol agent reported that he and his partner were injured and needed help. While the agent who requested help is currently hospitalized, his partner, Rogelio Martinez, died. While some people are calling this an “attack,” very few details have been released by the FBI. President Trump, in response to the news, tweeted:

In light of the news about the two border patrol agents and the president’s tweet, it does make one ask the question: Should we build the border wall?

Those who feel we need the wall believe it is critical to our nation’s safety. They feel that we are basically at war with crime organizations and drug cartels and we have to protect ourselves. They think this tragic incident with the border patrol agents is just another example of why we need it. They argue that we need to stop talking about cost and do it, because, between illegal aliens in the country and the damage drugs are doing to our society, we can’t afford not to build it.

People who feel we don’t need the wall think the president is politicizing the death of this agent. They feel that he is trying to use this death to force Congress to give him the funding for the wall. They think that he is also trying to fire up his base so they will also put pressure on Congress. They feel, if the president was so upset about the death of the agent, then why couldn’t he even mention his name? Finally, they point out that the wall would do nothing to help on the southern border, because there are tunnels all along the border to go under the wall, and they could always just use a ladder to get over it.

Fox News covering President Trump and the border patrol officer’s death:

The Issue

Should we build the U.S./Mexico border wall? Is the death of this border patrol agent proof we need the wall? Or is the president politicizing a tragedy?

Yes, we should build the border wall

People who feel we should build the wall say that we have to, so Americans can be safe. They feel that it is a critical part of strengthening our border against drug cartels and organized crime. They say that we can no long afford not to do it.

No, we should not build the border wall

Those who feel we should not build the wall say the president is using the death of Rogelio Martinez for his own political reasons. They feel that he is using this man’s death to get what he wants from Congress, and that is wrong.

Do you think we should build the border wall?

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