Should the United States pull out of NAFTA?

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On Wednesday, delegations for Mexico and Canada arrived in Washington, D.C. for another round of talks on The North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). It has been around since 1994 and can undoubtedly use some tweaks to bring the deal into the 21st century. However, President Trump does not want tweaks; he wants a complete overhaul of the deal. He has said, since the early days of his campaign, that he felt NAFTA was the worst deal in United States history and that he was in favor of leaving it completely. The U.S. pulling out of NAFTA would have dramatic effects in all sectors of the economy and would have significant effects worldwide.

The auto industry, for example, would be greatly damaged because it has set up its supply line throughout the continent, with plants in Mexico and Canada to optimize production. Pulling out of NAFTA would force a complete overhaul of how they do business. Leaving NAFTA would be cheered by unions who see NAFTA as a job-killing deal that has caused factories to go to other countries and caused American workers to suffer. With all that being said, should we pull out of NAFTA?

Those in favor of leaving NAFTA see NAFTA as the number one killer of jobs in America. They point out how so many factories have left places like Michigan and Ohio to go to places in Mexico for cheaper labor. They believe that, if America pulls out, those factories will come back and bring thousands of jobs to places in the American Rust Belt. People against NAFTA feel that it benefits Mexico and Canada much more than the United States, and President Trump should be cheered for putting American workers first.

People who want us to stay in NAFTA argue that leaving it would be devastating to the U.S. and global economies. Farmers who benefit from low tariffs through NAFTA would see skyrocketing tariffs on products ranging from beef to potatoes to chickens to dairy products. Those high tariffs would bankrupt farmers across the country. Also, if the U.S. pulled out of another international deal, our reputation would take another bad hit, and countries around the world will no longer take us at our word.

NAFTA is not perfect and does need to be updated. It has hurt workers from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. At the same time, it has been a great benefit to farmers who have taken advantage of lower tariffs. While a withdrawal from NAFTA would be a major step for the United States, it is unknown what the long term ramifications would be.

Here is CNBC covering President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the oval office:

The Issue

Should we pull out of NAFTA? By eliminating jobs here, has NAFTA hurt the United States more than it has helped?

Yes, we should pull out of NAFTA

NAFTA has been a job-crushing deal that has crippled the manufacturing industry in the Rust Belt. It has cost the jobs of hundreds of thousands of workers.

No, we should not pull out of NAFTA

NAFTA has benefited all sectors of the U.S. economy. It has greatly helped increase our trade and if we pull out, it will have devastating effects on the economy worldwide.

Where do you stand? Should we pull out of NAFTA?

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