Should Trump work with Democrats on healthcare reform?

Screen shot from CBS News' YouTube video: President Trump reaches out to Democrats for help with health care reform
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On Saturday, President Trump confirmed he had called Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer about the possibility of reaching a bipartisan deal to repeal and replace Obamacare. Senator Schumer apparently told the president that there could be no deal on repeal and replace when it comes to Obamacare. There was room, however, for a bipartisan deal to fix Obamacare. He pointed to the ongoing negotiations with Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee and Senator Patty Murray from Washington about stabilizing the law as a good starting point. The Democrats also feel the president has been sabotaging Obamacare and he would have to stop doing that before they could work together. Now that there appears to be an opportunity for the president to work with the congressional Democrats, should he?

Many in this country have been yearning for a bipartisan approach to things for years. They see Washington as completely gridlocked and broken where nothing ever gets done. So, they would love to see the president and congressional Democrats sit down and reach a deal. Last month, when the president and the Senate Democrats did that on the debt ceiling and hurricane relief, many around the country cheered. Supporters of bipartisanship feel that the two sides are supposed to work together and reach a compromise; that is how our government should work. There are people on both sides, Republicans and Democrats, who would celebrate a deal on healthcare and see it as a clear first step towards ending the gridlock in Washington.

The people who are against the two sides working on a deal have one major problem with a bipartisan effort on healthcare. They do not trust the other side of the aisle in any way. This goes for both Democrats and Republicans. Both see each other as liars bent on destroying the country. The Democrats see President Trump as a complete liar, who changes his positions from one moment to the next. They feel he is a crook who is out for nothing but his own self gain. The Republicans see congressional Democrats as people who have been trying to destroy the president since before he got into office, and would use this as a chance to discredit him and make him look foolish.

The issue

President Trump and his fellow Republicans have been working to repeal and replace Obamacare, but have not been able to present an option Democrats will support. After his conversation with Senator Schumer over the weekend, President Trump may be willing to work with the congressional Democrats to fix Obamacare rather than completely replace it. The phone call between the two men has raised the question: Should the president and Democrats work together on healthcare reform?

In favor of President Trump and Democrats working together on healthcare reform

Against President Trump and Democrats working together on healthcare reform

So, what do you think? Should the president work with congressional Democrats to fix our healthcare system? We look forward to your opinions.

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