Should the United States withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

Screen shot from CBS News' YouTube video: The Washington Post reports President Trump will decertify Iran nuclear deal
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On Thursday reports came out that President Donald Trump will decertify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action treaty or as it is commonly know the Iran nuclear deal. This leads to the question of weather or not we should pull out of the deal entirely. First, what is the deal? In exchange for the United States and other western countries lifting sanctions against Iran, Iran would get rid of most of its uranium and the machines that process that uranium into material to make a bomb. Iran would also only use nuclear power for research energy.

On the surface this seems like a win-win for both sides. Iran, with the lifting of sanctions, gets to rebuild their economy and rejoin the rest of the world on equal footing. The United States and Europe get the peace of mind that there is one less possible nuclear threat. While the rest of the world singed off on the deal, the United States congress never ratified the treaty. This means that the President must inform congress about whether or not Iran is living up to their end of the deal and re-certify the treaty. If he doesn’t, it falls to congress to decide what should be done. Do they scrap the deal entirely or continue on with it?

There are many people who feel Iran has fooled everyone and is continuing on with their nuclear programs to develop a weapon. They feel this is a foolish deal and for the country’s safety, the United States must pull out. It’s President Trump’s responsibility to protect this country, and many believe that he can renegotiate a new deal that will benefit the country more.

The people who support this deal feel that is enough to keep us in it, and point out that by all accounts, including the United States own inspections, the Iranians are living up to their end of the deal. However, they have other reasons for wanting to maintain the deal too. They look to North Korea and wonder how we can reach any kind of deal with them if we will not keep the one we established with Iran. They perceive that the President Trump hates President Obama so much that he would do anything to destroy his legacy and this agreement is one of his top foreign policy achievements. Supporters of the agreement also point out that members of the president’s own national security team, such as Secretary of Defense James Mattis, think we should keep this deal.

These are dangerous times and a mistake in foreign policy could be a disaster for the world. The Iran nuclear deal is a complicated issue and must be looked at from both sides.

In this clip, CBS News covers the president’s decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal and what will happen next.

The Issue

Should the United States pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or, as it is more commonly known, the Iran nuclear deal? Is this deal a danger for the world, or is the United States going back on its word?

In support of pulling out of the Iran deal

In opposition to pulling out of the Iran deal

What do you think? Should the United States should withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

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