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Should the United States have stronger open carry gun laws?

Screen shot from CBS This Morning's YouTube video: What are the gun laws in Nevada?
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Friday, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed into law Bill AB-7, a bill that closes a loophole in California’s already strong laws against guns. The bill makes it a misdemeanor to carry unloaded long guns in public places in unincorporated areas of a county where firing a gun is illegal. California already has laws against people openly carrying guns. The restrictions on carrying unloaded firearms are the same for loaded firearms. With California tightening their restriction on laws about openly carrying guns and with Las Vegas still fresh in our memories, should we strengthen the laws against openly carrying guns nationwide?

People who want stronger laws against openly carrying firearms feel that the presence of these guns, whether loaded or not, make people less safe. They do not see openly carrying guns as a deterrent to a crime happening, but a way to make that crime into a tragedy. People feel that when individuals can walk into a restaurant, a church, a bar, or some other place carrying a gun, it creates a dangerous environment where a misunderstanding can escalate into a needless tragedy. They see the answer to gun violence in this country as less guns, not more guns.

Those opposed to stronger laws against openly carrying firearms see it as an attempt to take away their 2nd Amendment rights. They feel that the Constitution allows them the right to carry their gun anywhere they want. Also, those against feel that, by having more guns around, criminals will be deterred from committing a crime. They see guns as making things safer, not more dangerous. Finally, they will cite places like Chicago, where there are strong laws against guns and yet they have a high gun violence rate, as proof that areas with strong anti-gun laws are less safe.

What to do about guns is one of the most contentious debates we have in this country. Many people see guns as the bane of our society, where guns have killed so many people, and seeing people being allowed to walk around with them openly is not just idiotic but down right criminal. On the other side, we have people who feel guns make us safer, and that a good man with a gun can stop a lot of crimes from happening.

In this video, CBS This Morning explains Nevada gun laws:

The Issue

Is the right to openly carry guns a threat to society? Is it right that is covered under the 2nd Amendment? Should we have stronger laws against openly carrying guns?

In support stronger open carry laws

People in favor of instituting stronger open carry laws believe that guns being openly carried are a menace. They will not stop a crime from happening; they will only make things much worse.

In opposition to stronger open carry laws

People against having stronger gun laws believe that openly carrying guns helps to prevent crimes. The idea is that someone who might be thinking about committing a crime will think again if they see a couple of people carrying a gun.

How do you feel about our open carry gun laws? Should they be stricter?

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