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Should the United States go to a universal healthcare system?

Screen shot from Bloomberg TV Markets and Fincance's YouTube video: What 'Medicare for All' Would Mean for U.S. Health Care
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As President Trump uses the power of the pen to try and repeal Obamacare, the healthcare debate, again, has heated up. With the actions the president has taken in recent days, people are unsure what will happen to their healthcare. Will they no longer be able to afford healthcare or are the president’s actions the beginning of a process that will improve healthcare in this country? While no one is sure of the results his actions will have, people are not happy with the uncertain future and the constant debate about their healthcare. To end the uncertainty and constant debate, should we go to a universal healthcare system?

Those in favor of universal healthcare argue that universal healthcare will save money in the long run, because healthy people will be able to work longer and not end up using the social safety net if they get sick. Universal healthcare would remove the crushing debt a lot of people go into trying to pay their medical bills. People would be able to spend their money in other areas instead of on paying for prescriptions and doctor bills so the economy would benefit from universal healthcare. Finally, they argue that the United States is one of the last industrialized countries in the world that does not have a government-run health system.

People against universal healthcare point out the huge cost to the taxpayer that paying for healthcare for all would bring. Taxes would have to be raised across the board, so any financial gains that people would have gained by not paying medical bills would be wiped out by higher taxes. Also, they point out that the government is horrible at handling healthcare. Problems have plagued government healthcare systems, like the V.A., for decades. In their view, the free market is the best way to ensure quality healthcare in this country. Also, those against universal healthcare see it as socialized medicine.

Universal healthcare may be the only way for President Trump to keep the promise he made during the campaign, that everyone would be covered and they would have great medical care. It would end the insecurity and never-ending debate that surrounds healthcare, but, will it fix healthcare? People would be able to go see the doctor and receive prescriptions with no out-of-pocket expenses. On the other hand, taxes would have to be raised, probably considerably, to cover everyone. The truth is, no one knows what healthcare would be like if it was universal.

In this clip, Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance explains Sen. Bernie Sanders’ single-payer healthcare bill:

The Issue

Should the United States implement a universal healthcare system? Would it help improve the lives of all Americans, or just add crushing new taxes for everyone?

For universal healthcare

Universal healthcare would end people paying out-of-pocket for healthcare. It would allow everyone the ability to receive the medical care they need.

Against universal healthcare

Universal healthcare will destroy quality healthcare in this country and would add incredibly high new taxes to everyone in this country.

Do you think we should go to a universal healthcare system?

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