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Should the Trump administration block Boeing and Airbus from selling planes to Iranian Airlines?

Screenshot from Al Jazeera English's YouTube video: First new Airbus in decades arrives in Iran

A deal between Iranian Airlines and Boeing and Airbus may possibly be in danger because of the Trump administration. When Iran agreed to the nuclear deal in 2015, sanctions were eased against them. Boeing and Airbus agreed to sell nearly 300 planes to Iranian Airlines. This agreement is worth billions of dollars to Boeing and Airbus. President Trump, in October, disavowed the nuclear deal and has until mid January to decide to extend the sanctions relief. Even though Boeing and Airbus have export licenses for sales to Iran, the Trump administration is considering blocking the sales.

The administration is concerned over the possibility of Iran using the planes for military purposes. They are seeking assurances that the planes will only be used for commercial use. If the sales are blocked, there is concern that Iran will abandon the nuclear deal and resume their nuclear programs. The question does remain, should the Trump administration block the Boeing and Airbus sales to Iranian Airlines?

Al Jazeera English story on Iranian Air getting new planes, thanks to the nuclear deal:

The Issue

Should the Trump administration block the Boeing and Airbus plane sales to Iranian Airlines? Should companies sell things to countries that are dangerous to the United States? Or, is the president doing a poor job handling trade agreements for the country?

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