Should the Houston Texans players have boycotted Sunday’s game?

Screenshot from Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED's YouTube video: Shannon Sharpe reacts to Bob McNair's comments at the NFL owners' meeting | UNDISPUTED

The national anthem protests controversy took a new twist this past Sunday when a vast majority of Houston Texans players knelt in protest. This was unusual because it was triggered by remarks that were made by their owner, Bob McNair, at the recent owners meeting. McNair reportedly said, “We can’t have inmates running the prison.” When these comments came to light, Texans star receiver DeAndre Hopkins left the team’s facilities Friday and, according to reports, he contemplated not playing this past Sunday. McNair did apologize to the players for his comments before the game Sunday. The players then held a meeting where they discussed what they should do. The kneeling of most of the players Sunday is even more significant because, prior to Sunday, not one Texans player had knelt since the start of the protests last season. The question is though, should the Houston Texans players have boycotted this past Sunday’s game to send an even stronger message?

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  1. Maybe the players should learn the English language. What he said is an idiom, like “Don’t Cry over spilled milk,” or “spilled the beans”, or “kick the bucket.” “Inmates running the assylum”, or “inmates running the prison”, are standard phrases used throughout the US to refer to this exact situation. He was not calling them criminals or prisoners. If he instead had said, “We can’t let the tail wag the dog,” would they have accused him of calling them a dog’s tail? Regardless of your feelings about police brutality, or racial injustice, the stupidity needs to stop. We can’t have an honest discussion about how to solve the real issues while we are busy being offended by semantics.

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