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Should the Democrats nominate Senator Sanders for president in 2020?

Screenshot from ABC News' YouTube video: Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'Medicare for all' is 'not a radical idea'
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In the 2016 Democratic primary, Senator Bernie Sanders came within a whisker of shocking the world when he nearly defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton was the overwhelming favorite heading into primary season. Sanders, a little known independent senator from Vermont, nearly won, running on a populist message. Recently, the first 2020 presidential primary poll came out in New Hampshire where Sanders is the front-runner by nearly double digits over former Vice President Joe Biden. Now, this poll doesn’t mean Sanders is a lock for the nomination but it does make one wonder if the Democrats should actually nominate Bernie Sanders for president in 2020.

Those who support Senator Sanders feel that he is exactly who the Democrats need to be their candidate. They feel that the Democratic establishment has failed miserably. His supporters feel if the party had gotten behind Sanders instead of Clinton, Senator Sanders would have beaten President Trump soundly. Also, they feel the Democratic party is too far to the right on many issues and it needs to move left if it ever wants to win again. There is a real belief among Senator Sanders’ supporters that the majority of the country is where he is, not where the party is.

Those who oppose Senator Sanders see him as one of the main reasons President Trump won. They feel that his refusal to concede to Secretary Clinton forced her to spend time and resources battling him and not President Trump. Plus, by having to battle him for so long, she had to move further and further to the left to secure the nomination, making her look phony on issues when she tried to move back to the center. Also, Senator Sanders can come off as gruff or even hostile with people, showing, in their opinion, that he doesn’t have the temperament to be president. Finally, in the minds of his opponents, a democratic socialist senator from Vermont just can’t win and would guarantee President Trump a second term.

Senator Sanders would be one of the most improbable candidates to lead a major party ticket in history. He is not even a Democrat; he is an independent. His state is tiny and he is an unabashed socialist. Can he win the nomination? Anything is possible.

Senator Bernie Sanders being interviewed on the show This Week:

The Issue

Should the Democrats nominate Senator Bernie Sanders for president in 2020? Is his populist message what is needed to defeat President Trump, or would his nomination guarantee a Democratic defeat in 2020?

Yes, the Democrats should nominate Bernie Sanders for president

Those who support Senator Sanders say that he is the right man to counter President Trump’s populist message with a better one. He is exactly what the Democrats desperately need.

No, the Democrats should not nominate Bernie Sanders for president

People who oppose Senator Sanders say he is a guaranteed loser in 2020 and he is the main reason Secretary Clinton lost. Sanders is not even a Democrat, and therefore should not be given a chance at the nomination.

Do you think the Democrats should nominate Senator Sanders for president in 2020?

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