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Should the Democrats move further to the left?

Screen shot from The Ring of Fire's YouTube video: Elizabeth Warren Says Democrats Should Reject Centrism And Move Further Left
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After President Trump’s win last year, the Republicans control all three branches of government in Washington. Plus, they have statewide dominance in most of the country. Where there are currently 34 Republican governors, there are 32 state legislatures that are under complete Republican control and, in 26 states, the Republicans control both the governor’s office and the state legislature. With these numbers, some Democrats have begun to question whether their party should move further to the left in order to win back the country?

Many Americans feel the Democrats are already too far to the left as it is. They will point to the Democrats’ leftward movement under President Obama as to why the country has rejected them and, when you look at the numbers, the country has rejected them. Since President Obama won and came into office with complete control of congress in 2008, the Democrats have lost 63 house seats, 12 senate seats, and 15 governors’ offices. Those who feel Democrats are too far left, are even going so far as to say that President Bill Clinton would be a Republican today, and feel that Democrats cannot win as long as the party moves in that direction.

There are also many who feel the Democrats desperately need to move further left to have any hope of winning. They look at polling on minimum wage increases, universal health care, debt-free college, and other issues, where the numbers appear to favor a leftward movement, and see opportunity to win elections. There are people out there that feel we need a left-leaning party for the good of the country so that people can have a real choice and that if you have a right-leaning party and a center right-leaning party, which is what a lot of liberals view the Democrats as being, then there is no one representing them. They also think there is a misconception on what is “left.” Many liberals scoff at the idea that President Obama was a liberal. They view him as a centrist that was falsely seen as a liberal by the far right. Those who want the party to move left feel, if the party is to truly reunite, then, the center must move closer to the left.

Democrats have a real dilemma on their hands. If they stay where they are, then they will alienate the people who voted for a socialist in Bernie Sanders. Keep in mind that he received 45 percent of the vote in last year’s primaries. However, if they go to the left, then they risk losing forever a portion of the country that already views the Democrats as a far left party. What should the Democrats do?

Here is a clip from The Ring of Fire, a liberal YouTube channel, covering Senator Elizabeth Warren saying that the Democrats have to move further left:

The Issue

Should the Democrats move further to the left? Are the Democrats, with where there politics are, capable of retaking the congress or the White House? Should they move further to the left or stay where they are, or even move further towards the center?

People who feel the Democrats are too far to the left

The Democrats have moved so far left that they no longer represent where most Americans are, politically. Bill Clinton would not even be a Democrat, he would be a Republican if he were in office today. With their far left agenda, the Democrats are doomed to defeat after defeat if they go further left.

People who feel the Democrats need to go further to the left

If the Democrats moved further left, many polls show they would be on the popular side of many issues. By staying in the center, they are abandoning their political base. They must move further left to unify the party.

What do you think Democrats should do?

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