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Should Roy Moore give up the fight for the Alabama Senate seat?

Screenshot from Newsy's YouTube video: Alabama election officials certify Jones

We finally have an official winner in the Alabama Senate race. At 1:10 Central time, the state’s governor, secretary of state, and attorney general certified Doug Jones the winner. Roy Moore had tried a last ditch effort to delay the certification by filing an appeal in the Circuit Court of Montgomery, Alabama. Moore sought to delay the certification so an investigation into what he felt was widespread voter fraud was investigated. He also hoped to get a new special election with the investigation. Circuit Judge Johnny Hardwick denied Moore’s appeal. This appears to finally close the book on this election. Jones will be sworn in on January 3 by Vice President Mike Pence. Despite all that has happened, Roy Moore still refuses to concede. With the results now certified, a question comes to mind. Should Roy Moore give up the fight?

Newsy video covering Alabama certifying Doug Jones the winner of the Senate race:

The Issue

Is it time for Roy Moore to give up the fight for the Senate seat? Were his claims baseless and he really needs to stop? Or, was the system rigged against him and he should not give up yet?

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