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Should Roy Moore concede the Senate race to Doug Jones?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Roy Moore releases new video, doesn't concede

Roy Moore is refusing to give up the fight to be the next United States Senator from Alabama. He appears to have lost Tuesday’s election in a shocking upset to Democrat Doug Jones. Moore recently released a video where he confirms that he will not concede the race yet. Moore indicates that he is waiting for the vote to be certified by the state of Alabama. That will happen sometime between December 26 to January 3. Moore trails Doug Jones by roughly 21,000 votes, and that lead is too big to trigger an automatic recount. There are still some votes that have yet to be counted, but it is not believed that it will make a difference in the outcome of the election.

Most of the Republican establishment and the mainstream media feel that Moore has lost the race to Doug Jones. However, Moore has never been someone for whom the establishment or the media cares. He was far from the Republicans’ first choice to be on the ballot, and he has had his battles with the media over allegations of sexual misconduct. The question does remain though, should Roy Moore go ahead and concede the race to Doug Jones?

CNN showing Roy Moore’s video, refusing to concede and discussing the election:

The Issue

Should Roy Moore concede the election to Doug Jones? With the election over and the vast majority of votes counted, should Roy Moore accept that he has lost? Or, does Roy Moore have every right to wait until the vote has been certified by the state of Alabama before he concedes defeat?

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