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Should Robert Mueller recuse himself?

Screenshot from Fox News' YouTube video: Robert Mueller named special counsel for FBI Russia probe
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Washington, D.C., was rocked Monday when special prosecutor Robert Muller indicted two former Trump campaign staffers and announced the guilty plea of another. Special prosecutor Mueller was praised as the right man to lead the investigation back in May by both sides of the aisle. Lately though, there have been some on the right who are questioning if he is indeed the man for the job. Three Republican congressmen led by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida are expected Friday to file a resolution calling for Mueller to recuse himself. They are doing this primarily over the fact that Mueller headed the FBI when the Obama administration approved the Uranium One deal involving Russia. They feel this disqualifies Mueller from leading the investigation of Russia and the Trump campaign. It is worth noting that nine government agencies and five outside observer agencies made up the committee that approved the deal and none of the agencies was the FBI. The question does remain, though: Should Robert Mueller recuse himself?

Those who feel that Robert Mueller should recuse himself feel he has too many conflicting interests to be impartial. They point out that Jim Comey, the man whose firing prompted his appointment, is Mueller’s friend and protege. Plus, if there is a chance his investigation leads him into looking at the Uranium One deal, he should recuse himself because he was part of the Obama administration when the deal was approved.

People who feel he doesn’t need to recuse himself see the calls for his recusal as a smoke screen to distract people from the things happening in the Trump investigation. They feel it is insane for him to have to recuse himself over a deal that had nothing to do with the FBI and had to be approved by 14 different agencies inside and outside the government. Many feel this is a desperate attempt to try and save a president that, everyday that goes by, it looks more and more likely he could be impeached and possibly sent to jail.

When Robert Mueller was named the special prosecutor, he was cheered across Washington. He is a man with a stellar resume and appears to be doing a very thorough and competent job. We do not know what his investigation will reveal to the country. We shall have to see what happens.

Fox News covering the naming of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor:

The Issue

Should special prosecutor Robert Mueller recuse himself? Does his time in the Obama administration disqualify him from the job? Or, is this a desperate attempt to try and save the Trump presidency?

Robert Mueller should recuse himself

Those who feel Robert Mueller should recuse himself say that his personal relationship with Jim Comey and his possible connection to the Uranium One deal must require him to recuse himself.

Robert Mueller should not recuse himself

People who feel he doesn’t need to recuse himself say that the very idea is ridiculous. Even if there was something underhanded going on during the Uranium One deal, the FBI was not involved with approving the deal.

Do you think Robert Mueller should recuse himself?

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