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Should Republicans ‘go nuclear’ and kill the filibuster to end the shutdown?

Yes, Republicans should “go nuclear,” killing the filibuster to end the shutdown

Those who feel Republicans should “go nuclear” say that it is time to stop playing games with Democrats. In their opinion, Democrats are hurting the country with their obstructionist tactics and they have to be stopped. Many think that Democrats should have one more chance to pass the continuing resolution and, if they don’t, then kill the filibuster. Some feel that we can no longer worry about long-term effects; we need to fix things now. Others believe that Democrats are going to kill the filibuster the next time they are in the majority, so Republicans should just get it over with. Finally, there are people who believe Republicans were sent to Washington to enact their agenda. They need to do whatever it takes to do that, or risk being voted out of office.

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