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Should President Trump resign over the allegations of sexual misconduct?

Screenshot from CNN's YouTube video: Senator calls on President Trump to resign

Men in all facets of life have either been fired or forced to resign for their actions towards women, due to the #MeToo movement. Now, that movement has turned its sights on the White House and President Trump. The president is not the first politician who has been swept up by the movement. Recently, prominent congressional Democrats Senator Al Franken of Minnesota and Representative John Conyers of Michigan have resigned or announced their intention to resign in the coming weeks. Republican Representative Trent Franks of Arizona has also resigned due to misconduct, as well as many other politicians at the state and local levels.

President Trump is once again dealing with allegations, by more than a dozen women, of sexual misconduct. He survived these allegations during the campaign and won the presidency. However, the view of sexual harassment and assault has dramatically changed since then. There is a growing list of people who are calling for the president to resign his office due to these allegations. The president has denied these allegations during the campaign and maintains his innocence now. The question still remains, given that other politicians have resigned their offices, should the president resign from office due to these allegations?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand calls for President Trump to resign on CNN:

The Issue

Should the president resign from office over these allegations of sexual misconduct? Have the president’s own words and actions disqualified him from being president? Or, are these allegations old news being brought up by the president’s political enemies?

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